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Sunday October 9, 2016

8am - 1pm

Sterling Chalet - Richfield

Just a head's up regarding access to the Sterling Chalet for the SEWFARS swapfest on Sunday October 9.

As it turns out there is still a good amount of road construction immediately around the Chalet.  As a result, access to the Chalet itself is a little "different" for now.

We wanted to hold off and see what we had before making any notifications.  Here is where we are as of as of the evening of Friday October 7:

Access from the North and West
Access from the North (Hwy 175) and the West (Hubertus Road) is closed due to construction.

Access from the East
Access from the East (via Friestadt Road) can stil be made.  When you get to the shopping center on the corner,  cut through the parking lot to access the driveway.

Access from the South
Access from the South is the cleanest approach.  Your safe bet is to exit at Exit 52/County Line Road/Hwy Q (this is the first exit South of Lannon Road), head West to State Hwy 175 (The intersection where the Mills Fleet Farm is), turn right (North) and continue the Chalet.

Talk-in via Amateur Radio will be on 146.82- T127.3

Phone/text contact number is 414-852-2934

We hope this helps and apologize for any inconvenience.

SEWFARS owns and operates three Amateur Radio repeater systems in the Village of Wales in WaukeshaCounty under the call sign K9ABC.

Our VHF (Two Meter) repeater system on 146.82 MHz has one of the widest service areas in Southern Wisconsin.

Our APRS VHF digipeater (K9ABC-1, formerly K9ABC-10) on 144.39 MHz has one of the widest service areas in Southern Wisconsin.

Repeater System Frequencies (in MHz)

Band Rx (Repeater Tx) Tx (Repeater Rx) PL
VHF 146.820 146.220 T127.3
UHF 444.125 449.125 T127.3
APRS 144.390 144.390 None